When you get wedding and fattening ...

Many women gain weight when they begin a relationship stable. This is something that happens often and increasingly.

Many of them are starting to feel nervous because noticeable weight gain, and try to avoid such anxiety eating, which further aggravates the situation.

There is no exact reason for which this disorder, operated, the truth is that many women are starting to eat their own boyfriends!
So you offer some tips very useful in that you have in mind.

1 - Instead of doing teaspoon stay with your boyfriend, be sure to miss your gym class that is more than critical!

2 - Forget about their favorite dishes such as pizza, the Spanish mondongo, roast or any other strip! If before he left you with you as health, why not continue doing so.

3 - Enjoy knowing that it is likely that you're getting fat because you're not stressed whether likes to think the opposite sex, now that you have a stable partner.

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