The power of the nap

If your boss surprises him sleeping, tell you that you are for the good of the productivity.
In a studio carried out by the university of Harvard, 30 people were browsed 4 times per day to see with what speed they could process information (they were shown an image of diagonal lines quickly in a screen and they were requested that they indicated in what address they were inclined).

The acting of 10 people that you/they stayed awake during the whole day it diminished in 50%, while people that slept a nap of one hour soon after of the noon answered the last test equally well like in first o'clock. People that had a nap of half hour even acted better than those that didn't sleep.

Another actual technique consisted on carrying out a different activity.
People to who a lightly different image was shown in the last test undeleted your qualifications of the first tests.

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