Relaxing massage

Did you feel nuisances lately in the neck?
Give you the taste and you receive a massage or you go to a kiniesólogo, surely this is the best thing that he/she can make.
In some moment, around the population's 13% it suffers of neck pain. The treatment generally consists on manual (provided by masseurs or kiniesólogos) therapy, physical (that you are based on stretching exercises and you force, but that it can also incorporate the manual therapy) therapy, or carefulness on the part of a physician (who can prescribe drugs and to teach to the patient to take care appropriately).

A studio of the institute for the medicine investigation outside, in Amsterdam, you compared the effects of 6 weeks of manual (45 minutes 1 time per week) therapy, of physical (30 minutes 2 times per week) therapy and of visits to general practitioners (2 queries), in 183 people that took at least 2 weeks with neck pain.

After 7 weeks, 68% of the group that received manual therapy, felt better, while 51% of the group that he/she went to physical therapy and 36% of those that went to the physician only informed about some improvement.

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