Massages reducers for legs

To achieve the objective of deleting the obesity of your legs and queue, the massage is of great help.

You follow these steps, make the exercises daily and you will see the results.

1 - put to bed, you arrange your fingers on the groin and face a movement of pressure with the fingers (of the pointer to the little finger), traccionando lightly the skin.

2 - then, with both hands taking a tissue portion and adjoin it being about spraining it with the fingers, exercising certain pressure so that the blood flows, and relax this way the field. This step repeats it in all the parts of your leg.

3 - another massage of localised mobilization of fat is carried out taking the tissue as a tweezer (not aggressive), and spraining it alternatingly toward a side and another (one low, the other one ascends). You count up to 10 and you relax the field. Repeat it in all the parts of your leg.

4 - after making the massages that we explain to you in the previous points, it is necessary to take the toxins toward the field lymphatic ganglionar. For ésto, make several movements of friction or drive with both hands up. Again, you end the exercise with pumpings in the groin.

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