The stars do not make mistakes

THE astrologer, ALWAYS MATTERS BY SCIENTISTS. Continues to enjoy TODAY THE REASON FOR their successes.

It is not the first time that the word "Zodiac" inspire fascination in some people and others, a disdainful rejection: truth is that the individual characteristics of the signs in many cases are not corroborated, and the resemblance between two people who share the classification of " belonging to this sign "is sometimes questionable.

It is also true that few people know that the sun sign is almost secondary to the analysis by an astrologer on the map of the sky at birth.
Sadly it is also true that there are those who claim to respect the knowledge of astrology, and also possess the ability to predict the future with absolute accuracy, forgetting that even those who were its greatest exponents always used the word "trend".

Ran the fifties and Gauquelin monsieur, French astronomer, was ordered to crush once, the claims of astrologers. He thought of desengañar fidelity of fifty centuries of clientele, but things did not came out all right.

After much work, he and a team of scientists managed to collect over 16,000 data of birth of European personalities. The results of scientific research to substantiate some kind of influence of planets on people, were absolutely unexpected: sporting champions in 2088, the planet Mars was prominent in the skies of birth.

In 3647 scientists, 704 were born after the passage of Saturn in the eastern horizon, or by its maximum elevation in the sky. There is only one chance in 500,000 that the chance to be the cause of such excess of births with these characteristics.
According to astrology, Saturn will be born or in the culminating moment of birth of a sage "and" Mars will be prominent in the sky of sportsmen and soldiers. "

Gauquelin claimed some sort of influence of the moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, and invented the word "chronobiology" to redefine a knowledge of more than 7,000 years.

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