What is the Holy Grail?

Many novels have ancient legends about where the Knights were going after the Holy Grail. It all began when Abraham, the biblical patriarch, commanded by a goldsmith Babylonian make a cup of silver and gold, adorned by three gemstones.

At that time, it was usual to have drinks rituals to collect the blood of slaughtered sheep that was to honor God. The cup was passed from generation to generation, from father to son and finally, during the Babylonian invasion, was hidden in the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. Curiously, this temple was the place that was assigned to the Templars to use as an operations center in Jerusalem. Hence the name of Knights Templar or Templars.

Long after the Grail was taken out of the temple and led by Joseph of Arimathea, who, after being filled with the blood of Jesus, traveled to the west of England carrying the cup. However, it is possible that the cup has returned to the Temple of Solomon and the Templars and find what you bring to America, for it to be protected from the enemies of Jesus. In that case, surely somewhere in our continent, a group of Templars is still retained, according to Christian tradition of this order.

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