Secret formula for separated without rancor

It is sad when love ends and sometimes it becomes difficult to summon up the courage and take the decision. But we have to face things and cut with a link that has no raison d'etre. If you go through a situation like this, perform a ritual cutting soft, so as not to lose touch with who was his partner, getting a little traumatic rupture and be friends forever.

You need:
A photo of his own and another couple. It is important to have been taken before they began their relationship.
2 small boxes.
2 long strips, one blue and one green.
1 almanac of the year.

• Take the two boxes and bautícelas. A bear his name and the other, of the person who is separated. Type the names on the lids.

• Take pictures and paste them into the bottom of boxes.

• Tape the boxes. Put them together in a horizontal position and begin to link them (horizontally) with the blue tape, saying that:
With this tie, keep the good memories and express my wish that we be friends until the end of our lives.

• When the tape is finished, leave a pretty long stretch of the blue ribbon free and begins to link the boxes vertically with green tape. Read as follows:
Our relationship will change for the better. This is a soft cut, which will allow us to grow and suffering will happen soon.

• Attach the final stretch of green tape on so that it's blue ribbon.

• Take the calendar and circle in red on the day that performs the ritual. With the same marker or pencil, draw a circle with a dotted line around the day they want to cut the link.

• Place the boxes tied on the almanac and save everything in a place where only you have access to.

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