As affects asthma in pregnancy

The evolution of asthma is not usually aggravated by pregnancy. However, some pregnant with affection can suffer very serious exacerbation of the disease during the fresh hopes.

Potential effects.
They have been found in severe asthmatic patients, with a deficit of respiratory function, increases the number of premature births and children of low birth weight. These complications are more common when there are repeated access of asthma during pregnancy.

Most of the drugs that are administered by inhalation does not appear to have detrimental effects on the baby. However, its use in pregnancy, like that of any other medicamenteo, is recommended only when the expected benefit outweighs the risk potential for the future baby. The dosage, controlled by the specialist, should correspond to the minimum levels that will be effective.

You should never self.
Sometimes, to treat acute asthma attacks are used steroids orally or intravenously. There are no data on fetal malformations caused by these drugs, which could have an adverse effect if used continuously over time.

In any case, it is important that any asthmatic patient who plans to become a mother so check with your gynecologist. It is also necessary for its allergy to assess its overall condition, for which values the need for medication. But by no means can we say that the patient-asthmatic few exceptions, can not get pregnant with freedom.

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