Psychological causes of infertility

The psycho-social issue, which means "demands" a pregnancy, not only applies to couples without children, also when the firstborn is more than a year and a half or two years of life, many mothers are being pressured to "seek a brother. "

The psychological causes which lead her tardiness may be several:

In the "unconsciousness" of the first pregnancy may be an exaggeration to follow him fear for the second, especially not being able to give birth to a healthy baby.

Addressing the son of the house, work-and sometimes the husband, a woman require an emotional overload that could lead to disruption of ovulation. For his part, dad, economically demanded by the rise of the family, can also suffer deterioration in the quality of semen in the race for daily life.

Some couples mistakenly believe that the second child will prevent them love equally to the first.
Just as there are psychological consequences arising from the studies and treatments for infertility, also, as we see, there are psychological factors that can lead to it.

Good medical practice requires providing a "therapeutic support" in the area since the beginning of psychological treatment for all sterility, even more so when there is already a child born without the drawbacks of normal delivery.

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