How to become a saint

It's called diocesan process step by which examines all the documents and testimony presented with the intention of turning into a holy person.

First, someone posits the candidate. Usually what makes a congregation, although the presentation to the Church authorities may also be in charge of an individual.

Then he finds out the truth of the virtues mentioned, while calling reports to Rome. Should any of the findings provide negative data, will start the diocesan process, which takes several steps:

• It appointed a committee that reviews and evaluates life and work of the candidate.

• is appointed by a court, with delegates from the archdiocese, a notary, a person of the applicant, and so on., Quoting the witnesses (if they are alive).

• When you find the virtues, the person becomes venerable to be (as the case of Ceferino Namuncurá).

• When there is a miracle reliably verified by the ecclesiastical authorities, we will appointed blessed and is considered a model for an entire congregation or group.

• When the second miracle occurs, the case is taken as a model for the universal church and then it is considered holy.

The condiiciones to become a saint are, essentially, be Roman Catholic and apostolic model have been living and virtue.

According to recent standards, to start the diocesan process (ie, all inquiries), it must wait five years have elapsed from the death of the person.

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