How to lose weight with candles lemon

It is advisable to do this ritual throughout the duration of the treatment to lose weight. The purpose of this practice magic is to help people to change their eating habits. To absorb vibrations that radiates the candle, body and mind will be more predisposed to come into harmony.

As already mentioned, the use of candles lemon is personal. Who's who should be using clothing. Should light a candle lemon every day, preferably in the morning, but may also be at night, depends on the activities of the person, since what is required is likely to be at least three hours in the environment where the candle lit.

It may be the bedroom, kitchen or workplace, the important thing is to keep the candle lit and be present in the same environment where it is consumed.
There is no need to renew the sail every day, but use a one until they are consumed. The rest of the sail is to throw a water flow or directly to the trash container, wrapped in paper.

Once the diet itself, continues the maintenance period. At this stage, as important as the previous one, will change the frequency of the ritual. Should light a candle lemon per week.

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