The myths of sexuality revealed

The bigger, better, quantity is quality; the ultimate goal is always the same ... Around sexuality are woven throughout the centuries, countless myths and falsehoods. Sometimes have been broadcast on religious grounds, to encourage reproduction, or with intent to subdue a particular social group (almost always women); sometimes have arisen as a result of ignorance, giving rise to absurd beliefs, unfounded scientist.

But such has been its strength and rootedness that despite the information that we are now and have been challenged again and again by sexologists, remain significant in the depths of the unconscious, bitter life to many men and women.

In fact, the old prejudice ma-joke that he is the man who has to take the lead, still cause serious problems of sexual communication. Women no longer resign and take them to the initiative, while they, after many years of complaining about the passive female cross-now a crisis of identity. They feel used and yearn for his former role of insurance and "macho" almighty.

The sex do not learn
This myth is one of the most dangerous because it inhibits the investigation, muzzle curiosity and prevents the development, while strengthening the other myths. For shame, fear or self-reliance, was not asked or practices or rehearses; are blindly confident that the spontaneity, coupled with passion, giving rise to the miracle of orgasm. But in fact, the only truly spontaneous sex is the desire, the technique, however, is an art that must be cultivated with time and dedication.

Oriental peoples, whose philosophy on the subject is very different from ours, say it is a mistake to believe that a man and a woman, in a natural way, fall in bed in a satisfactory position for both. They take many encounters in which each is capable of investigating its own anatomy to discover their pleasure centers and open index to another. The best antidote to ignorance is the sincere communication between the couple, joint research and technical infallible trial and error.

In the same vein is the idea that in every relationship we must achieve an erection at all costs. Making this complex reaction male star of the sexual encounter could lead to many problems. If for any reason (stress, alcohol, anxiety ...) is not achieved or lost at any given time, he will feel the woman failed and undesirable. It's a vicious circle, because the more the man strives to achieve an erection quickly, the more difficult it is and the more distressed he and his partner.

How many times?
That sexuality necessarily implies penetration and that the more orgasms the better, errors are so widespread as the previous ones.
Men and women enjoy less than what they would like because of these false beliefs, are set ourselves the goal of sexual intercourse and tend to view everything else as mere foreshadowing. However, the penetration is not the way "normal" or "unique" to attain pleasure.

This technique is more, within the infinite possibilities of sexuality, essential only for procreation. Thus, in many cases, are resigned to the pleasure of physical contact, from fondling and tenderness because, as well summarizes a topical phrase, "do not want to start what will not be able to end ...".

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