Laughter - a gesture that heals

Do better ourselves is part of the growth of human beings. Each new day is imposing new obstacles that we must overcome to move forward in life. Many times, the passing was not in the quantity of books that we can find on a topic or hours of autoreflexión about the way we act.

Do better is to learn to laugh at ourselves, without censorship, providing a second chance. Mistakes, mistakes lead us to know further, namely to live with flaws and virtues.
It is scientifically proven that laughter can cure or relieve from heart disease until blood pressure. And not only improves health, but also beautifies us to the other.

In addition to the healing power of laughter at the physical level, psychologically helps relieve depression, states of anxiety and distress.

When you enter into a pit of depression, the ability to do something for personal gain is within oneself. We are what we think and what we demonstrated in each of our actions. Nothing justifies that a small altercation completely ruin the jomada. Nothing is final and there will always be a way to change it to do better. Life is full of opportunities. But change is imperative to open the mind, we prepare internally to receive good fortune.

Laughed when we started losing the fear, the muscles will loosen the front distiende and we can take away from the issue that concerns us.

Laughter makes lighter the load, the acceptance of our limitations and willingness everything he can. You may smile, even when everything seems to crumble. Here they left an exercise that can be put in place to help you through the smile at critical times.

* Close your eyes, register your whole body to mentally recognize the exact place where he is staying pain or concern.

* Find a way to that pain, something that it symbolizes: a stone, a thorn, a fire, a sandpaper.

* Bring much air into the area where it inhabits the concern, envuélvala with the air again.

* When you exhale feel that comes out of a concern inside and vanishes.

* Then start to jump, dance, sing, do morisquetas, practice faces rare, until it explodes into laughter. Laugh yourself, Look at that ridiculous pose no fears.

Accepted is overcome, but accepted with humor is much smarter. It speaks of an open-mindedness and a lifestyle that allows the person to grow spiritually and be happy.

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