Magic flowers with powers to fight evil

The magic that is performed by flowers, but until now had been taught to acquire what we want (health, wealth and love), also has a ritual to drive away powers that are detrimental to happiness. This means that the magic with flowers not only brings us what we want and we do well, but it also makes it disappear from our lives so that hurts us.

Sometimes we feel that the whole world has come together to make complicated and that everything we do becomes difficult. We also feel that we lose strength, that nothing goes wrong, that a negative energy surrounds us and prevents forward. In most cases, these symptoms respond to someone who has the desire to misery in our lives. It is not necessary that the person has made a whole seems to sorcery not work, just so we just wanted misfortune.

Through the magic of flowers with Violets can wipe out these evil powers of our lives and scaring when they want to return. The ritual is performed at home, because if these powers away from there, we would also remove from our lives.
The first step is to find something that disturbs the peace in our lives. Realize that beyond that things can be wrong, there is a force that surrounds us and prevents out of our problems. Once we are aware, it is time to use the power of the Violets. This magic only if it is done by the person who needs it.

The ritual lasts three days and each day they run a different way. There is a procedure that is common to the three days before the start of the ritual must be lit two candles sahumerio with violets and a violet scent. In total concentration to read the "First Principle Buddhist," dedicated to the acceptance of that evil is part of our lives and we must learn to live with him but without him:

"Yes, one man was wounded by a poisoned arrow, should not delay their removal by those who know the details of the shot. ... That (name) ... begins to face life as it is, learning
Always own experience and direct "

From this passage common to all three days, were undertaken by different procedures:

Day 1
Distribute 12 vases with violets in the rooms of the house. No room could be without at least one bouquet. If you do not have enough vases can use glasses or mugs, is indifferent.
This must be done in the morning and the vases must remain in place for 24 hours, or until the next morning.
The function of this day is that violets absorb all kinds of evil energy, so it is advisable to locate the vases in the corners and on furniture.

Day 2
Remove all the vases and get three buckets of water to stand in the sun, introducing them into fresh violets. In the two hours out of water violets, using the latter to disinfect the entire house. Try to reach the most hidden corners and furniture higher.
Once completed, turn on a sahumerio of violet in each room.

Day 3
On the third day, after having absorbed and removed the last traces of negative energy, it's time to immunize the house.
Distribute violets in any entry which may have been to the house (doors, windows, chimney, etc.); in this way will prevent any force of evil comes to you. Let these flowers placed where for four days.
It is advisable to obtain a true inner peace, that the seven days following the end of the ritual repetition of the morning, the "First Principle of Buddhism."

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