Male Infertility - Treatment

An infection, an illness or injury in the testicles can disrupt sperm production. It is also common infertility caused by an excess of work or excessive consumption of snuff and / or alcohol.

Through an opposition permograma or semen analysis, which should be repeated at least twice, check the quantity and quality of sperm. The internal injuries were detected by palpation and ultrasound systems.

The technique is chosen, medical treatment, intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization or sperm-bank basically depend on the outcome of the expected mograma.
Most men who already have their offspring do not hesitate to reproductive capacity.

And yet, disorders that involve some form of infertility are shared by men and women on equal terms. 50 percent (or more) of the time, the problem is with women, and the other 50 percent is due to man. Therefore, you should not settle for a search for a single cause and not investigate the other.

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