4 exercises to strengthen the legs and hips

Exercise 1:
Bend and stretch.
From the off position, bend down.
-Rest your hands on the floor at an approximate distance of one meter forward. -Straighten your legs to lift the hips.
-Lift one leg, extending upward and backward. Avoid twisting the knee.
-Repeat with other leg.

Exercise 2:
Up and down like a top.
-Stand with feet together and hands at the waist.
-Turn your hips to one side and go down twisting like a top. Enough to sit down.
"Be careful not to injure their knees.
"Without help with hands, ascend turning in the opposite direction to that used to descend. You can also use the image of a screw to be unscrewed. "Repeat several times, to one side to another, up and down very slowly.

Exercise 3:
Kneel and project.
Assuming a kneeling position. Then lean forward and place your hands on the floor.
-Lift the chin and look up to the horizon and far away.

-Extend and lift one leg backwards, not exceeding the height of the back for not forcing the lower back. Repeat several times with each leg.

Exercise 4:
Stretch to the side.
-Start by lying on the side of his body.
-Support on the ground the outside of one leg, and forearm and elbow on the same side.
-Double leg resting on the ground back up to the knee and lift your top leg up sideways in the plane of his chest.
-Repeat several times, extending the right leg is raised. Then switch sides and repeat the full year.

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