Feminine Care Tips

• It is advisable to use the spray too often the bidet because it acts as a siphon that can change the balance of vaginal flora.

• intimate feminine deodorants are the solution for women whose natural flow is inherently rich and strong odor. But it is important before you have established with the specialist that this flow is a normal physiological characteristic and not pathological.

• Many women do not tolerate personal-hygiene products and in this case adequately enough to sanitize the outside with mild soap. Anyway, the vagina is kept perfectly clean thanks to the purifying of his own bacterial flora.

• Sometimes the itching is only due to an allergic reaction due to using a scented soap, nylon underwear, sanitary napkins with deodorant or intolerance to iodinated disinfectants as podophyllin.

• Soaking in water and sodium bicarbonate have a disinfectant and very effective decongestant.

• It is desirable to have a special towel to dry the genital area and not share ever.

• Avoid perfumed soaps, vaginal deodorants, bath salts and talc.

• When using the bathroom, wipe from front to back, not to accidentally move the seeds of the stool toward the vagina (these can cause dangerous infections).

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