The 4 states of consciousness

• State of wakefulness.
It's the one we normally have every day. You know you're awake. Intellect is working, think and reason. It also has awareness of the physical environment.

• State of reverie.
It is intermediate between waking and sleep soundly. No rest. In his mental energy is expended. The intellect is not working, but there is some awareness of the physical world.

• Deep sleep.
The mind is relaxed, completely blank. There is no awareness of oneself as an individual entity. The identity of the ego disappears, as does the awareness of "I'm doing ..." and the physical environment.

• Meditation.
Just as in deep sleep, there is no awareness of the body or external physical reality, nor the time and space. But in meditation, consciousness is transcendental as teachers, the person achieves an identification with the Divine or Heavenly.

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