The best female guards for menstruation

Certainly for many women, menstruation is a real inconvenience. However, today is as wide a variety of ways to absorb the menstrual flow, helping to dispel the concern for one's clothes or kept clean. We tell you about hygiene methods are commonly used for these cases:

It is a material widely used in medicine. Allows you to clean a wound, the tail of a baby or as a protector of women.
Pros: It is so soft, soft, annoying and totally fits the body.
Cons: must be changed too often to not stain clothing.
Recommendation: it is more practical to use the days before the period and in recent days when the flow volume is low.

They are made with cotton pressing to increase their absorptive capacity. They come in different thicknesses and all have a waterproof bottom layer filter to prevent blood flow.
Pros: being an external environment allows free outflow of blood and does not promote infection. There are many varieties: those that attach to underwear, with wings, slender, longer for use at night, and so on.
Cons: some women find it uncomfortable, because it marks on clothing. Recommendation: Every woman should try different types until you find that it is more convenient, according to their needs and daily activity.

They have the characteristic of absorbing menstrual flow after it leaves the womb and before it reaches the external opening of the vagina.
Pros: is the method that gives more freedom because it is undetectable and allows entering the water. There are different sizes and fit all bodies.
Cons: in case there was a clot, he may not leave right away, staying longer in the vagina. It may cause Toxic Shock Syndrome is a rare but serious disease that can cause acute abdominal pain, fever and decreased blood pressure. It occurs in very few cases by misuse, eg if it is left much longer than recommended (3 hours) or forget it inside the vagina.
Recommendations: pay attention to the instructions-which are within the container-for proper placement and use.

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