How to relieve heartburn and avoid

If you experience frequent heartburn or heartburn, you should pay attention. It is inappropriate self-medication for a long time (even with antacids), but it can help make these simple tips:

• Do not consume coffee, fruit juices, all kinds of sweets and alcoholic beverages (especially white wine).
• Stop smoking and avoid smoke snuff.
• Maintain proper weight.
• Wear loose clothing that will not put pressure on the area
• Tilt the least possible head forward.
• To improve digestion, discard the nap and opt for a walk after dinner.
• Make small meals throughout the day instead of the
dinner and lunch.
• Discard foods high in fat.
• Do not consume food or drinks excessively hot, as they affect the delicate lining of the esophagus.
• Do not sleep immediately after dinner, let at least two hours.
• Elevate the head of the bed.
• Avoid stress.

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