Different types of insomnia

Insomnia is a fairly widespread problem in society, although we have no clear awareness of the true extent of its negative consequences. Sin and dreamless sleep, physical and mental toxins are deposited in our organs, clogged and begin to malfunction. The mind also becomes overloaded and starts a defense mechanism that leads to anxiety about stagnant energy or excessive sleepiness. Consider, then, the harmful effects of insomnia:

Shooting pains. When the mental Hipercontrol forbidden impulses or outbursts, the rational side takes over and interrupts sleep or blocks. He does not want contact, through dreams, with intimate and forbidden areas of the mind.

Sexual dysfunction.
The user is left without power. Sexuality loses fuel and costing manifest erotic life naturally.

Cardiac abnormalities.
The heart beats out of time. You lose the rhythm or speed up, to remind us that it also needs crumble and assimilate affective experiences and their attendant emotions.

Stomach problems.
Food bodies are not prepared to assimilate. The difficulty digestive upset and heartburn does not abandon us during the day.

Lazy bowel.
The intestine retains too, becomes inflamed and sometimes crashes. Constipation indicates that we can not liberate us physiologically.

Muscle contraction.
The muscles are sore and tight.
When poor sleep, poor posture adopted in a state of continuous contraction, as the mobility of defending life. So toxins build up, waking, makes members feel heavy.

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