Care of the feet to show off beautiful and healthy

On his feet rests the balance of the entire body. Their tiny bones are gently shaped to bending, flattening, the camber and consolidation, to keep us moving in the vertical position. If your feet are at risk is the threat to their position and their welfare. The problems with his legs and joints affect the whole body gets out of balance. For example, headaches may be due to the way they go walking. The Chinese are convinced that in the foot are the points that correspond to all body parts. Therefore, for your health, the health of the feet can be decisive.

Choosing the right shoes:
Women's shoes are not always a good taste and common sense. According to medical sources cause permanent wear high-heeled shoes in which he pushed his fingers, the foot is very rounded and the body weight rests on your heels and toes, 75 feet% disability. Due to the uneven distribution of weight is not fully able to absorb the shocks of the feet caused by walking. The tension during the movement spread to the spine and may cause back pain and headaches. Burning sensation on the balls of the same is caused by the fact that walking in high heels tottering feet in the narrowest part of the shoe, and is a warning against the occurrence of pressure ulcers. As protection against the pressure on bones and joints, thus creating permanent calluses. Back to shoes without heel may be the solution. The long-term use of high heels can shorten the tendons in the back of the leg, so sudden reduction in high heels a few inches can cause great suffering. If you're used to high heels, choose shoes with heels of three to five inches, which are often more comfortable than a completely flat sole.
As you walk and exercise, always wear shoes with good shock absorption by plants.

Maintaining flexibility in the legs:
In the practice of the legs, podiatrists recommend walking barefoot at home or better yet the beach. Wet sand on the fingers act as the skin of a natural exfoliating dead.

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