How to stop nail biting

Nail bitter: an aid to start.
Before we recommend this program go to the drugstore and buy there bitter or bitter liquid enamel for nail biting is not an unpleasant taste harmless substance that helps carry on the program. This liquid is often used to discourage children from putting your fingers in the mouth or biting your nails, but it is necessary to consult your pediatrician if you want to use it in children. For adults there are no contraindications.

Program step by step.

Day 1: This treatment should only apply to nine nails, leaving the nail of the little finger of his left hand, a right-handed or right hand if your left. Apply one or two layers of reinforcing each nail and then covered with enamel bitter. Once your nails are touching the mouth, the bitter taste of this glaze will remind his good intentions and will not continue. In cases of extreme need to continue biting his nails, remember that you can still use the little finger.

Day 2: Include the care of the cuticles in your program. Apply each day a fresh coat of nail bitter. To avoid biting keep thinking, deal with your cuticles with a massage in the contour of your nails, you can do with a hand cream. Forget fur and loose and the temptation to fix his teeth.

Days 3 to 5: From now on, always carry over some files, so you can remove any temptation when your nails may offer. Remember your daily coat of enamel bitter and massage cuticle cream once or twice a day.

Day 6: Begin to see results. Using a soft enamel remover remove the layers of enamel and empowering. Get a manicure conventional. With the thin part of the file remove any irregularity to prevent your nails snag on something and break. Apply cuticle remover around the nail. Within seconds of dead skin may depart. Using a stick to push back the cuticle manicure. Wash hands and clean nails with a brush. Then apply again reinforcing layer of enamel and bitter.

Days 7 to 12: Put your daily dose of polish and massage your cuticles twice a day with cuticle cream. Look at your nails and proud of them when they begin to cover the fingertips.

Day 13: It envisions a white nail tip. A real nail is emerging. Treat yourself to a manicure as day 6.

Days 14 to 20: Resist! The hardest part is over and the goal is in sight. Continue applying a layer of enamel bitter daily and use the cuticle cream once or twice a day.

Day 21: Continue having a manicure. You will see that your nails are growing, the free end is millimeters in existence. It's time to start with a nail color or transparent.

Days 22 to 27: The end is in sight. Soon you will have the satisfaction of being able to look long and beautiful nails. For now you'll notice that you no longer need that nail biting unprotected. Give the same treatment as others. Enamel layer bitter daily massage cuticle cream.

Day 28 onwards: Have another full manicure. You are starting to have real nails and just a matter of not being surprised by a fit of uncontrollable anxiety. Continue for a couple of weeks putting on his coat enamel daily massage your cuticles bitter and often.

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