Myths of gymnastic apparatus

• If you stop making apparatus, once you lose muscle tone.
False: Muscle tone is maintained for some time, and then progressively lost as it is to abandon the practice of any sport. To prevent this from happening, it is best not to abuse the aircraft and maintain a consistent routine, if it has opted for this type of training.

• The work of reducing pectoral breasts.
False-group exercises that tone the pectoralis major muscle, which in turn holds the mammary gland. Or develop or reduce the bust.

• If you feel pain, exercise does not work.
False: To improve cardiovascular efficiency, burn fat and increase flexibility, ie the keys to achieving fitness, you have to take time. Physical activity should be made as pleasurable, if there is pain and stress because you are not working properly.

• The machines are used to define the muscles and the weights are to provide muscle bulk. False: Muscle does not know the difference between a machine and a pair of dumbbells, the important thing is the contraction that occurs in both cases.

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