Exercises to get flat stomach

If you want to get a flat stomach in a month, do these exercises. If is constant, the results are as effective as diet.

1-Body V.
Sitting, legs straight lift and drop a little hands to support the trunk. Elevate your legs at right angles to the ground. Then go down without touching the ground. Repeat the movement five times.

2-legs back.
Lying down, spread your arms and hold her legs together. Slowly, move them back over his head, trying to touch the ground with the tips. Repeat five times.

3-naped upright.
Lying down, lift your head and spread your legs. Elevate about 20 inches off the ground and start making small circles with your feet until it joins up. Repeat five times.

4-Knees bent.
Lying down, raise your legs and raise the trunk completely. Flexing, touching his forehead with his knees and then raise them.

A tip: Remember that these exercises to be truly effective must be made daily and gradually increase the repetitions.

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