Health Tips

No more hiccups!.
When your baby has the hiccups and can not find a way to remove it, put on the tongue a few drops of lemon.

This is a method "magic" it solves a few minutes and naturally the uncomfortable problem. Place ice compresses to the nasal septum height by tilting the head back.

If you're unlucky enough to bend and sees a foot becomes swollen, waiting to see a doctor compress ask yourself the following: an egg white gown and add 3 tablespoons of flour. Pour into a cloth and a surface-damaged plíqueselo: secure it with a bandage and repeat the process if necessary.

To relieve pain, no more cheap and effective to put in a pan salt (or sand from the beach) and heat over medium heat turning with a wooden spoon. When hot, place it in a small cloth bag that a-Tara for not spilling the contents. Apply then the pouch on the lower back. You will notice an improvement immediately.

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