Hormonal changes occur in pregnancy cravings

They are not a simple legend of pregnancies, the cravings are real and occur frequently. It is very common, when pregnant, women begin to feel disgust for a meal very determined, even before a child he liked to wait. With only get to see it can cause some discomfort, nausea and sometimes even vomiting. It can also happen in reverse, that suddenly, she loves a plate that was previously unable to eat. Or just want to earnestly take some very specific food.

Scientific basis.
This behavior is nothing strange or should be, as many think, to women seeking to be pampered. Dr. Jose B. Arenas explains. although nothing is known in medicine specifically with the fancy name, is a term widely accepted and has a real scientific basis.

Indeed, the word is not in any fancy medical treatise, but there are others that define these asci or desires as food or product concerned. Thus, if a pregnant woman feels a strong desire for drinking water is called Hidromania. If, however, from the time they become pregnant feel real disgust for this item, this woman will have hydrophobia. Explained Dr. Arenas, this behavior is due to the many changes that occur in the body of the woman when she becomes pregnant.

These changes mainly affect the hormone system. The growth of some specific hormones, like progesterone, chorionic gonadotrophin and placental lactrógeno is responsible for cravings.

The increase of these substances stimulates the pleasure center, as amended. May also affect the sense of smell, so no wonder there is pregnant women who suddenly are unable to use your usual perfume.
These behaviors are especially common in early pregnancy. Keep in mind that these hormonal changes occur in a very short space of time, so the woman's body at first does not fit and protest. As the pregnancy progresses, the female body gets used to these changes, and, like dizziness or nausea, cravings are subsiding. After the birth, everything returns to normal appetites and those averse or disappear entirely.

Lack of food.
It also often happens that in a given time the pregnant woman to have really looking forward to eating some particular food, often very markedly products sweet or salty. Dr. Angel Fernandez Herraiz said that it is not a fad, but a real necessity. When a pregnant you crave something sweet, it will almost certainly because of their blood glucose, ie, the level of blood sugar, very low. This phenomenon is referred to as hunger. Moreover, the preference at a particular time of strong foods such as spicy, may be due to lack of digestive juices.

Stains and spots.
The hemanginomas, spots or moles that babies have at birth, have nothing to do with the vagaries not satisfied. This popular belief has no scientific basis. These malformations of blood vessels that appear as bluish-red spots or a localized accumulation of melanin.

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