Stammering in childhood

In most cases the same tough few months.
Why stuttering is so common among the two or three years?

There are two possible explanations. This is the age period when the child tries hard to speak. When he was younger he used short sentences that did not need to think. But at this stage starts a sentence three or four times, only to be interrupted in the middle, because you can not find the right words. Parents, tired of their constant chatter, do not pay too much attention, so that the child feels even more frustrated.

Moreover, the emotional state of the small has little bearing on this problem. In most cases occur in small little tense. Some, for example, stutter when excited or start to do the day his new sister is brought to the hospital.

What birth to stuttering?
Do not try to correct your child or worry to two years. Note instead what things could be causing stress. Perhaps the arrival of a sibling, the removal of a beloved family ... In most cases, the stuttering goes away by itself. He will not immediately but gradually, as the child grows, it is finished. If not, should seek professional help in order to investigate the cause of stress and eliminate it. There is also talk specialty treatments that correct the problem.

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