Digestion - how it works, care and common disorders

• Is it really necessary to slowly chew each food?
Yes, because a slow chewing and salivation good food helps digestion and prevents constipation also the ghost.

• How often should I eat per day?
Our digestive system like the rest of the body should rest for several hours a day. Furthermore, the need for energy in our body requires a digestive process that lasts 12 to 14horasyen he alternating the various stages of digestion. Ideally, therefore, is to make four small meals a day, up from the table feeling hungry and trying to make breakfast is the meal of the day.

• Are there foods that cause liver damage?
Liver does not hurt any food, at least directly.
A global malnutrition for long periods or ingestion of toxic substances such as alcohol use may damage it but ... the liver is usually not painful because it has no sensory nerve endings that transmit pain sensation. Not so with the gallbladder. A simple calculation reservoir of bile (which makes the liver) in the
gallbladder can result in a picture that is very painful fearful biliary colic.

• Why does my stomach hurts and burns?
The stomach contents of gastric juice-is a complex liquid with strong hydrochloric acid and other digestive substances. capable of dissolving any organic element. When work is obliged to make the stomach is very large, or when nervous factors increases acid secretion, there are erosions or just irritation that gathers the central nervous system in the form of pain or burning sensations, as a warning that something "not right".

• How heavy digestions are corrected?
In general, the best way to fix this is to split up the meals, eating small amounts repeatedly.

• What is diarrhea?
There are several causes: poisoning, intestinal infections, nervous disorders or intestinal lesions, so that water is not absorbed into the final stretch of intestine. When diarrhea is very abundant, can even lead to dehydration from loss of fluids and chemicals needed to maintain body balance, so the golden rule is to present the painting to give large amounts of water and salt to the patient.

• How is a good digestion?
First, chew food slowly, try to be the most important meal of the morning, avoid large meals, long naps and make sure that food is divided. It is also important that it contains natural elements rich in fiber and minimally processed.

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