Different exercises to stay fit and healthy

Exercise! Join the gym or the facilities of a fitness club. Many institutions offer fitness rooms reserved exclusively for men or women.

"When it's best to exercise in the morning or at night? The best time to exercise is one that fits your schedule!

-Combine exercise with their most treasured priorities. Listen to the news in the morning, while doing floor exercise or go walking with a friend.

"Take a walk for charity. You make the exercise for a good cause.

"Exercise for bone health. Walking (or any other weight-bearing exercise) is a great event that helps you maintain good bone density!

-Get some exercise walking in the mall for 15 minutes before starting your shopping.

- Want to lose a couple of ribs quickly? Do sit-ups for their favorite television show to add some novelty to your exercise routine.

-Take a walk. Whether it is a path in the woods or on the streets of the city, explore the outside world, this also helps socialize and relieve stress.

-Schedule their workouts on the calendar and treat them as you would any other appointment.

-Enjoy the outdoors! Attack bike paths, playing a little tennis, or planning a picnic with family or friends at parks or recreation space.

-Measure each of your steps with a pedometer and see the distance traveled during their daily activities.

"Variety is the spice of life. Choose activities that make use of different skills and different muscles.

-Motivate to join a fitness course, either aerobics, spinning or kickboxing, you can have fun while training is serious.

Remember - whatever the diet, you should always measure the calories consumed and calories burned. Calculate the calories consumed from foods in your diet and compare you've burned during physical activity.

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