Nutrition tips to feed on the best way!

"Drink more water! Squeeze a lemon or lime in a glass of ice water and drink apart from very rich will do very well to your health!

-Prepare your own lunch, you have greater control over what you eat.

"Liven up your salads. Dip your fork into the sauce before slashing of lettuce.

-Eat more slowly. When you take the time to savor their food, gives you time to know when they're full.

"Never forget to have breakfast - is the most important meal of the day that turns your body.

"The salad plates are used more salad now. Serve food on a plate to eat smaller portions reasonable.

"When his health is improving and will look healthier, you will feel more secure.

-Listen to your stomach - when you start to feel full, drop the fork and restart the conversation.

"If you buy in bulk, divided into appropriate portions before storing. So to save time.

-When you finish a meal or snack, brush your teeth. It's a psychological message that indicates that the food is well and truly works.

-Choose foods that delight the senses. Tap a variety of flavors, colors, textures and spicing up your daily menu.

-Vegetable Grill and lean cuts of meat on the grill. Use it wisely coatings dry spice marinade or simply to add flavor, not calories and fat.

"The food is the main source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Make sure your balance of food choices to meet all their nutritional needs.

"Do not underestimate the favorite dishes of your diet, the change simply to be low in fat, or cut smaller portions.

"Spicy foods are a delight for the senses and fill your appetite! Add pepper or hot sauce to flavor the food. It will also be more inclined to drink lots of water.

"Remember that fruits and frozen vegetables are as nutritious as fresh and then fill your freezer and stir in a variety of different recipes.

"The research on the Internet or buying food magazines for ideas, new and fresh meals that are reinventing old classics recipes to offer more nutritious. (visit my blog:-D)

"Knowledge is power! Read the table of the nutritional value of foods to make smart decisions and balanced throughout the day.

-Update your old recipes with new flavors to give a bit of excitement to watch your food.

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