How drugs act on the body

Sometimes we gain weight as a result of medical treatment with drugs that increase appetite and promote fluid retention and fat. These are a few:

• Antiallergics: used against allergic reactions. They also appear in some cold remedies as well as certain compounds restorative tonic.

• Antidepressants: act dispelling depression, improve mood and increase appetite.

• Antihypertensives: included in the composition of clonidine, a substance that is used against hypertension and also to deal with some headaches. They also stimulate the desire to eat some food.

• Against Atherosclerosis: These drugs reduce the presence of fat in the bloodstream and some of them, as clofibrate, provoke a significant increase in weight.

• Tranquilizers: reduce anxiety and allow restful sleep, but also "
well promote more food intake. If in addition the substance used is fanotiacina that
ca reduce psychological stress, can cause significant weight au creased.

• Corticosteroids: lí retain liquids by promoting the creased au weight. Indicated in inflammations, rheumatism, allergies and diseases intense ties affecting the blood and intestine san.

• Pill: based on hormones, the contraceptive can cause fluid retention and consequent weight gain. It is advisable to go to the doctor if you notice this effect.

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