How to keep fit

Consider that only 20 percent of women who lose weight maintain their weight loss during the weeks after the procedure. So if you want to be part of this low percentage, follow to the letter these tips.

• Eat all, but in small quantities. At day's end will have gotten down on calories without realizing it.

• Do not avoid any of the meals. It is proven that when it comes to the table hungry consumed in excess, even beyond what we really want.

• Boredom encourages eating. Distract yourself by practicing a hobby. Read or go for a walk, and avoid the temptation to taunt something.

• Make sports. Enter in a gym, swimming. Burn calories and greatly enhance your figure. You can also do relaxation exercises that will remove the anxiety, which in some cases invited to dinner.

• Do not stand still watching TV. Much of the advertising is intended to consume sugary foods or drinks.

• Keep a schedule of meals and resist a drink between meals. If finally gives up, resorting to an "appetite suppressant" means an egg, a tomato, a large glass of water or an olive.

• Drink as much water as possible. At least one and a half. Thus, hydrates the body while eliminating toxins.

• Do not ever pass a glass of wine at dinner and forget about the liquor, rich in sugar.

• Always cook meat and fish baked or grilled. Not cold. Give them flavored with mustard or lemon, garlic or onion. Use salt sparingly.

• Eat every day fruits and vegetables. They are essential for the proper functioning of the body, because they provide vitamins, minerals and fiber that prevents constipation.

• Do not combine in the same meal fatty foods and carbohydrates, sugar or starch. This fatal mixture stimulates the generation of insulin, a hormone that promotes fat storage.

• Distribute food between different foods, so that alternate meat and fish. Also, always choose between entering or dessert. Do not take both.

• Write down everything you eat and drink daily. Indicate the exact amount, the way of preparation, the moment you eat and mood. At the end of the week, analyze mistakes.

Holidays, birthdays, family reunions. Who has not spent a little too far in these times? The solution is to follow the day after a detoxification, eating only vegetables and fruits. It is not dying of hunger, we can eat up to two kilos of these foods. The fruit can be wholly or in juices, and vegetables in salads. This diet is indicated for healthy adults.

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