Tips to prevent weight gain

Try to build yourself the diet that allows you to maintain your weight. Just look carefully at these tips in the main meals.
It is fundamental. Do not ever skip. He is responsible for replenishing the energy lost during an overnight fast, it determines that the day starts well. This allows you to work with energy and get to lunch without a ravenous hunger. A healthy breakfast consists of a glass of skim milk or any dairy product (cheese, yogurt ...) and a piece of fresh seasonal fruit, except bananas, figs, grapes and avocados. In addition, you can also eat a slice of whole wheat toast with jam and margarine diet.

You must include a starter of fresh vegetables seasoned with garlic and oil. The second course will consist of meat or fish. Among meats, choose lean pieces of beef, veal or a quarter of skinless chicken. Forget the pig. With respect to the portions should not exceed 150 grams. If you prefer, you can opt for 150 grams of fish. It assumes an advantageous alternative over the meat. Moreover, oily fish (salmon, mackerel) contains fats that protect against atherosclerosis by reducing excess cholesterol.
As a side dish, 100 grams of boiled or baked potatoes. Some fruit and 50 grams of bread will complete the menu.

You must include the same dishes for lunch, but if previously used lean meat, we'll have to eat fish. It can also be replaced by a pair of hard boiled eggs. As for the garrison of potatoes, can be replaced by a bowl of soup. Then, include a fruit.

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