Keys to a balanced diet

Low in calories, based on fruits and vegetables ... All diets, regardless of the principle on which it is based must include the following ingredients for health food is not adversely affected:

• Protein. They help the cells to regenerate. They are found mainly in meat, eggs, milk and fish.

• Vitamins and minerals. They are essential for skin and hair to look healthy and shiny. Most food we eat every day contain, although in different proportions.

• Fats. They are responsible for the formation of the hormones and cell membranes. They are found in pork, oily fish, oils and margarines.
Provide the necessary glucose to the functioning of the muscles and brain. The
provided mainly cereals and legumes.

• Fiber plant. Facilitates intestinal transit. It is found particularly in vegetables and legumes.

• Salt and sodium. Maintain constant blood pressure. Sodium appeared mostly in meat, milk and derivatives thereof.

• Water. It is essential for our body, which is composed by 65 percent liquid.

Include these foods in your daily diet ensures a balanced diet. But pay attention to these tips, since according to their age there nutrients that can do without and others that are vital:

• Before 20. Slim, but always under medical supervision. Still growing and it is very important to take care you do not miss needed calcium.

• Between 20 and 30. His skin is firm and strong. So the best time for dieting. When you lose weight, then take a balanced food.

• From 30. If it takes an active life, do not consume less fat and carbohydrates, but strengthen the supply of vitamins by eating more fruits and vegetables. In the event that the chair is the "sport" favorite significantly decrease the consumption of fats and carbohydrates and pour in sugar, for his body to not exercise needs fewer calories.

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