Makeup techniques - Lighting to makeup

It is essential that the place you choose is properly lighted makeup. A good light can not only verify that the base makeup and blush are well feathered but also to use the tones of shadows and the proper amount.

Natural and artificial
Ideally, wherever possible, make-up in the light of day because the artificial light "eats" a lot of colors. If your bathroom gives the outside, try to place the mirror opposite the window, put on makeup so that when light enters through the back. This is undoubtedly the best system for natural makeup. If, on the contrary, your bathroom does not receive daylight, should be especially careful when choosing appropriate lighting: try not produce shadows. You should be aware that:

• The single lamp placed on the mirror or on one side is not advisable because it casts a shadow over the face.

• Fluorescent light color washes.

• A perfect makeup is done with the lighting chamber, a frame around the mirror lights, illuminate the entire face evenly and with the right intensity.

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