Makeup Techniques - Materials Use

The fingers are not enough. The art of makeup begins when selecting the tools. Arm yourself a core team and keep it always perfectly clean.

A complete list:
• Mirror. Choose a mirror with two faces, one with increased and the other normal mirror. The first is ideal for eye, or plucking eyebrows. Before use, wipe with a dry cloth to remove accumulated dust.

• Sponges. Use a special sponge for applying foundation. They have very small pores so that the product is fully extended. Its use avoids the unsightly lines that define the face like a mask. A small touch of foundation on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin is ideal. Then you need to blur with the sponge.

• Brushes. If you use liquid liner, you will need a very fine and pointed. The brush to paint the lips is a bit thicker and ends in a square. Shadows ers bring their applications. In the case of sets of shadows, try not to mix the colors, light with dark. They sell some disposable that the remains of shadows do not modify the new shades to use.

• Brushes. You need two: a small, stiff bristle styling eyebrows and another round of those who usually bring the masks built to separate the lashes. These brushes should wear a cap to prevent dirty.

• Brushes. Essential to apply blush and blowing dust. In the former, are medium in size, while those that are used to apply the powder should be large and round and soft edge. In both cases, must be of good bristle or sable.

Maintenance and hygiene:
All their work items must be clean and well cared for, not only last longer but to prevent irritation or allergies. Therefore, do not forget the cap to check the brushes and pencils that have rounded tips and, above all, without adhering particles that can damage the fragile skin around the eyes and lips.

As for brushes, wash them once a month soaking in warm water with a little shampoo for about an hour. Let them air dry and always keep them in a glass or a tall container, resting on the handle so as not to rub together and are not deformed or damaged hair. In trade there are a variety of media to put your brushes, brushes and paint brushes.

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