Makeup Tips - colors for day or night

For a perfect makeup must know thoroughly ios colors in relation to the type of lighting which will later be lucid.
Sun and shadow: During the day the goal of any makeup should be synonymous with naturalness. As a general rule, taking into account the appearance and personal style, we must remember that:

• If the day is clear and sunny, the environment supports the use of any range of colors, both the cool (green, blue, violet) as warm (reds, yellows and oranges), provided it is used with discretion.

• If it is a cloudy day without sun, the colors included in the cold range are best suited, because they look in all its splendor.

• During the day it is advisable not hide defects such as dark circles or a very sharp nose very wide set of foundations using the light and dark (light to highlight a feature; dark to make it less noticeable) because the re-trick
sultaría evident. The cleverness is promising but only for the night.

• At night accentuate the makeup, but do not overdo it. E-vite the white rooks low because artificial lights can be turned into an ugly gray.

Makeup keys 10:
• Choose concealers in natural tones and not too thick.

• Forget the glossy bases or bar, which is stopping the implementation.
• Opt for the shadows and powder blushes. Dispose of your portfolio that are in cream.
• Never apply lipstick without lip outline above, or paint the lips directly with the pen. The ideal is to apply the lipstick with a brush to cover evenly.

• The liners should be cream or a pencil. Avoid liquids because they can not fade.

• Remove fine dust over volatile to not accentuate wrinkles. Enter your eyebrows with short strokes. Never with a whole line. Put a dab of gel v comb it upwards.

How to hide defects:
• Apply concealer on blemishes, pimples and blemishes.

• Dark circles marked deep or too dark are corrected with correction. If you use a light shade, the o-eign take a grayish color.

• To sharpen eyebrow hair without resorting to apply concealer in the bottom of them.

• To hide bulging eyes painted black eyebrow pencil inside edge of the lower eyelid.

• To correct close-set eyes, outline only since the middle of the lid towards the end.

• To enlarge the eyes delineates the lower lid and slip away with a brush.

• To refine the nose, dark brown with a blush color darker than the rest of the face, the sides since the start of the septum to the tip. Then slip away with a brush.
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