What to do with your partner's infidelity

Infidelity is a ghost that goes around above our heads and that many people fear, but most of the time it hurt our pride that dictates the guidelines to follow when it appears the umpire. And is that nobody is willing to believe that his partner, with which both shared, you were able to fall in love with someone else. In a situation of this kind, "the anger, bitterness and confusion take over the person and the sense of rootlessness and helplessness that often occur temporarily destabilize his psychic equilibrium."

Where there's smoke ...
With few exceptions, established couple lina person does not love another if you are in love with his partner and has a satisfying sexual and emotional life. According to the special "assumes that the relationship already suffer some degree of deterioration before one of the two issues raised by the possibility of another bond of love."
In general, it all starts with just "flirting" which aim to thrill-seeking outside the breast of a couple that has entered a phase of routine, or is in a time of crisis. Gradually, what began as a casual affair, if the couple has taken up the case, can lead to a deeper relationship and in a state of infatuation that it can hardly stop.

Accepting the reality:
Give back to the problem-reaction, on the other hand, fairly common, and think that everything will be all alone is the perfect fertilizer for budding relationship that germinate and bear fruit. The reaction is healthy mature i speak as calmly as possible, to analyze how the relationship is damaged and can or should try to) save.

But if the thing is not a simple affair and your partner really thinks falling in love, we must, of course, plant separation masters and be prepared to face all that this entails. Actually it all depends on the sincerity and courage of our partners, you have in your hands soften or aggravate the sensaciór of neglect, because if he does not dare to face a problem, they will generally only achieve aggressive behaviors that add to conflicts.
The left, though rational and keeping calm, ur going to go through difficult period, where if self-esteem will be seriously undermined and that its behavior can range from grief and depression to promiscuity and the desperate search a new partner.

We will have to ride out the storm as best as possible, trying to distract, changing environment, image and thinking that love is e-hoosing and your partner has. We seek the support of our family and friends without shame and try not to withdraw into ourselves. In any case, if it becomes too difficult to overcome the crisis, we must not hesitate to turn to a specialist to clarify our confusion and make the drink less bitter.

Starting again:
If the relationship is young, the break is easier, as the commitment and the bond are small. The problem is compounded when there are children, economic dependence or social pressures, factors that act as barriers arise when separation.

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