The most nutritious and healthy food

The main feature is that functional foods have a strong impact on some of the physiological functions of the body, and contain nutritional value. These foods offer both physical and mental improvements also help prevent certain diseases. It is recognized, within this classification, foods containing certain minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and dietary fibers, including those active substances such as phytochemicals or antioxidants and probiotic products, such as yogurt, margarine, sugar and eggs.

In fact, fruits, vegetables and cereals, among other foods, are part of such products, which play an important nutritional function and help prevent disease or infirmity. For example, in the case of the egg, this is a food rich in Omega 3 fatty acid, which implies a positive effect to decrease cardiovascular risk and controlling blood pressure levels, if consumed in moderation. Dinero o Ser Feliz? (Money or Be Happy?)

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