The bronchitis consists on the inflammation of the bronchial tree, accompanied by an excessive production of mucosity. The acute variety of bronchitis, very current, usually determines scarce incompetence. On the contrary, the chronic form is important, since he/she goes accompanied by intense dysfunctions of the respiratory feature and frequently continued of emphysema, and it can even drive to the death for bronchopneumonia or acute and cardiac breathing failure.

In the case of the acute bronchitis, you are about a process that can dearrollarse like the initial manifestation of an infectious illness, as the measles and the typhoid fever, or parallelly to an acute bacterial pneumonia. In chronic bronchitis they are sometimes observed symptoms of an acute, unchained bronchitis, apparently, for the ación of irritating factors, rather that infectious, such as the substances that pollute the atmosphere.

You frequently begin with nuisances retroesternales, due to the inflammation of the trachea and dry, difficult and painful cough, in crisis form or paroxysms. The exhibition to the cold air and the inhalation of irritating agents, as the tobacco plant, they make worse the crisis of cough. Frequently he/she goes accompanied by noisy and perceptible respiration; and at the beginning, it is usually escalsa the expectoration of the mucus, which are made then more abundant and I thicken.

The bronchitis agudade the children evolve in a very serious way, because of the pneumonia that originate.

As for the chronic bronchitis, you are characterized by cough and expectoration that it persist the whole year, with abundant secretion of bronchial mucus and inflammatory alterations of the bronchial wall.

The factors that intervene in the setting-up of the chronic bronchitis are several and they are not still very well-known. The frequency of due deaths to this illness increases with the age, and you are eviodente the prevalence of the men on the women.

You are difficult to establish the paper carried out by the sick person's profession in the origin of this illness, but the certain thing is that you take place with more frequency in the industrial fields. You are suspected firmly that the sludges of the atmospherical air influence notably in the path and disease progression. You seem also to be certain that the nicotine inhaled with the fume of the tobacco plant acts directly on the bronchial mucosa and you force her to segregate an excessive quantity of mucus; however, all the smokers of cigarettes not suffer bronchitis, that which make suppose that certain individual and family susceptibility exists.

The development of the chronic bronchitis is manifested by intermittent crisis of acute bronchitis, mainly in the months of winter, crisis of which it are more and more difficult to recover. In general, the illness begins in way inidosa, although it can begin in an acute way. Many sick persons allocate your promeros symptoms to some infectious acute process, as pneumonia, measles, whooping cough, etc.; other, simply to smoke. The progress of the chronic bronchitis is co patent frequency, until transforming into a suffering that last the whole year, with acute exacerbations. This state frequently leads to the death, well for rough pneumonia, well for breathing failure or cardiac right, to the end of 20 or 40 years after your beginning.

The influence of the atmospherical state, is fully grateful, and you are notorious the aggravation of the symptoms the days of cold, wet time and with mist.

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