You are designated with the term gastritis, to a series of alterations of inflammatory-degenerative type d mucous ela of the stomach. They are multiple and varied the lawsuits that can unchain a gastritis. So much so that, nowadays it is not considered as a specific illness of the stomach; of here that the generic name of gastritis goes always accompanied of the lawsuit or lawsuits that provoke it; for example, you are spoken of a gastritis in you ulcerate her of stomach, gastritis in the stomach cancer, gastritis in the alcoholics, among other.

They have become numerous classifications of the gastritis. The most practical classifies them in two big groups: acute gastritis and gastritis chronicles.

The acute gastritis can be exogenous or endogenous. The acute exogenous gastritis or gastritis irritativas are produced by any kinds of chemical, thermal irritant, mechanic or bacterial that can be ingested by the mouth. The most frequent are the foods and extremely warm or cold drinks, the pungent ones, the sauces, the spices type mustard, as well as the medicines with the help of salicylates, chlorides, iodides and bromides. As special cases, we should remember the corrosive gastritis, for ingestion of corrosive substances, as well as the allergic gastritis, of alimentary, bacterial or chemical origin, caused by hiper sensitization from the mucosa to these substances. As for the acute gastritis of endogenous type, you are to redial those that take place in the path of the septic processes in general, among those that it are necessary the gastritis that you/they are observed in the path of the scarlet fever, the measles, and the typhus-paratyphoid illnesses to highlight; they can, even, to take place hemorrhagic gastritis, like in the path of the yellow fever.

Now then, the gastritis chronicles, they are different. Amtes was believed that when the lawsuits irritativasz persisted during long time, the acute gastritis became chronic gastritis. This is in detuning with the clinical observation that demonstrate that many cases of chronic gastritis didn't enter antecedent irritativos that you/they explain to it. Currently he/she is enjoying great accept the hypothesis of an immunologic mechanism.

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