Flat Foot

The flat foot in the newly born one, and a normal fact: the foot of the newly born one is plump and flat. With the increment and the development you estililza and also, your plant adopts a characteristic concavity. Thanks to this plantar bank vault, the normal foot only relies on the floor for your check, your extraneous edge and your previous part; you detail that it can be proven registering the plantar print. The plantar bank vault maintains fundamentally for the ligaments that bind the dostintos bones of the foot and for the shade of your muscles.

In the flat foot a relaxation of the plantar bank vault, fact that can be appraised at first sight exists and to be studied with more detail by means of the register of the plantar print. Diverse grades of flat foot exist; in the extreme cases he/she relies on the floor the whole plant of the foot. The observation of the footwear has interest in the diagnostic, since these patients spend much more the interior part of the heels of the shoes.

You exist a foot flat congénoto that, frequently, you are hereditary. The flat acquired foot can obey very diverse lawsuits; all they act relaxing the shade of the muscles and of the ligaments of the feet or boosting them. Among such lawsuits we should mention: the obesity, the menopause, the genital inadequacy, the professions that you/they force to remain in foot too prolonged (especially on hard floor) timeframes or to the forced use of the feet (drivers, mechanics, etc.), the chronic illnesses of the knees, of the hips, and even, of the spine that you/they perturb the bipedestación.

The flat foot is frequent. According to the rheumatologists, almost a fourth part of the patients that you/they go to your queries suffers this illness. By a so much very high percent of cases, you are very well tolerated, being totally asymptomatic. When you give nuisances, they usually consist on fatigue and pain. The patient gets tired easily, not only of feet and legs, but rather you also enter a general fatigue that diminish your labor performance intensely. The pain is usually more accused when remaining in foot that when walking.

You are fundamental the diagnostic and the precocious treatment. The cases diagnosed tardñiamente can force to surgical correction. The base of the therapy constitutes, besides the treatment of the causal factors and of well ruled gymnastics, etc., the employment of appropriate footwear, with or without special templates.

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