The substance intercelular, fundamentally of the bony tissue, of protean nature, you are impregnated of calcic salts. To they owe it the bones your hardness. In circumstances of normality, this protean substance is totally saturated of citric salts, in such a way that we can say that in the normal bone it doesn't fit" more calcium.

As much in the osteoporosis as in the osteomalacia, the total quantity of existing calcium in the bones is below the normal one. But the mechanism that produce this deficit is different in both syndromes.

In the osteoporosis a decrease of the protean substance exists fundamentally of the bone. The bony trabéculas is usually impregnated of calcic salts, but they are thinner. The decrease of the quantity of calcium of the bone is due to the decrease of the fundamental substance that retain it. In the bone osteopórtico, like in the normal bone, you don't fit more calcium; but in that, the total quantity of calcium is diminished, to be inferior to the normal one the volume of the bony tissue.

Outwardly the osteoporotic bones are accustomed to being of normal, but given morphology the fine of your constituent trabéculas, they are very brittle. The most important consequences in the osteoporosis are the spontaneous fractures or caused by minimum traumatisms, and the deformations and levelings of the vertebras.

The trend to the fractures of the old men, especially of the neck of the femur, and the decreases of stature, with appearance of kyphosis that are observed in the same ones, they are due to osteosporosis (senile osteosporosis).

Another lawsuit of osteoporosis is the one that one observes in the male hipogonadal. The sexual masculine hormone is indispensable in the formation of the protean fundamental substance of the bone. The ullage of secretion of this hormone, for castration or for illness of the testicles, you drive to serious osteosporosis.

They also give place to osteoporosis the excesses of hormones cortisónicas. These hormones have, in the bone, a counteraction to that of the androgens (sexual masculine hormones): they impoverish the bone of protean substance. A hiperproducción of hormonal substances of share cortisónica exists on the part of the adrenal ones in the Cushing syndrome. Important osteoporosis can also appear, with fractures to minimum traumatisms, in subject to those that, to suffer bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, etc., they are administered drugs cortisónicos in excessive quantity and during too prolonged time. Given this hazard, the treatment with these medicines debit side to always be controlled by the physician.

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