Eczemas and Herpes

The eczema is maybe the most frequent and broadcasted affection. Few people will have that in the path of your life they have not suffered it, or at least they have not suffered a secondary eczematización of another affection; the first, maybe, were the dermatitis of the infant's diapers.

In essence, the eczema consists on a petty one, sometimes very petty, sobreelevación of the due skin to the appearance of a light quantity of liquid, forming a minuscule cavity among the cells of the epidermis. If those blisters are very pequ'ñas, is palpated much better than s even. He/she usually accompanies of cigar, often intense and durable that, when being scratched the blisters they break, the skin becomes moist, the injuries ooze and easily they are infected. They appear two new phenomena then: of a side, the skin reddens (erythema) and you swell lightly (edema); of other, the secondary infection gives place to the formation of petty cortexes, in general yellow (impetigo), to the increase of the cigar, to the extension of the injury and the secondary infection of the infection, with what the box, initially plain, has suffered an important complication. In summary, the eczema consists on this triad: blister, cigar-scratched and wet injury. If you are not blister you are not eczema.

The lawsuits of the eczema are very numerous and therefore they are several the types of the same one. To practical goods, the most important form is the secondary eczematización of a previous injury. Among the most frequent they should be known:

- The infant's eczema: almost always to an irritating local factor. The gauzes of the children, for very clarified that they are, they always contain alkaline remains of soap or detergents, when not of bleach. These remains are dissolved when becoming moist the gauze with the boy's urination and they act as an irritating agent of first command on the infant's brittle skin. The consequence is the persistent redness of the buttocks, periné and pubis, and not rarely the step to the eczema phase.

- The dermitis of the laundry, more characteristic of women, in the one that for different lawsuits, mainly the continuing dampness and the alkaline detergents, a decrease of the submitted of the skin of the hands exists that often accompany of secondary eczematización.

- The contact eczema, own mainly of the labor pathology in that very diverse you substantiate they act as sensitizing agents, for allergic mechanism, and they cause the formation of blisters. Among the most frequent we should mention those of the hairdressers (for parafenilendiamina), bricklayers (for chromium), waiters (for nickel), etc. The contact eczema also takes place often in the face for the use of cosmetics or I eat reaction to some medicines of local use, mainly some powdered sulfamides.

Among the vesiculous other affections, the most important, mainly from a popular point of view, you are the herpes. Numerous affections have received such a name. The herpes simplex consite in a petty blister that accompany of a discreet reddishness and edema of the neighboring skin and that secondarily it usually infects. In some people he/she appears mainly with a certain frequency or record in mucous, mainly the labial (cold sores) or genital. Your therapy is easy, but difficult to avoid the relapses when you couch to it.

A very different and much more serious form is the herpes zoster, in which a line appears, sometimes very long, of petty blisters located in the itinerary of a nervous edge and that they translate an affection of the same one in fact. Your path is dilatory and you sometimes go accompanied, particularly in old people, of very intense pain.

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