The feminine menstrual cycle

The group of anatomic and functional manifestations that you seceden periodically in the mature, or sexually mature woman's genital feminine apparatus, and that they are destined to favor the playback, they receive the name of genital" "cycle. This cycle, begins the first day of the menstruation and you end the day that precede to the following one. In a normal woman, you have certain regularity and you accustom to last about 28 days; but they should be considered as normal the variances between the 21 and 36 days. This whole cycle turns on the phenomenon of the ovulation in elovario and continuing him varies the uterus constitution, trumpets and vagina cyclically.

The genital cycle is governed and ordered from the brain for two portions of the same calls hypophysis and hipotálamo that mark the rhythm characteristic of each woman and that also, they explain the alterations of the cycle for psychic lawsuits, like they are strong emotions, terror, etc..

The cycle begins the first day of the menstruation. During the first two weeks, the ovary is boosted by the hormones of the hypophysis and you proceed to mature an ovum, of the 400.000 that he/she have in rest; this ovum matures inside a cystic cavity of the ovary, and when your formation is already complete, the cystic cavity or folicular burst and the ovum goes by the trumpets to the uterus. This moment of the rupture, corresponds to the phenomenon called ovulation. Some women know the precise moment of your ovulation, for a discreet pain or blood loss that it are accustomed to preentarse by the middle of the cycle, and that you should be considered normal. Once blank the cystic cavity of the ovary that housed to the ovum, this begins to wrinkle and to withdraw, becoming a spice of xanthic cicatríz of the surface of the ovary, call in fact yellow body. Lastly, this yellow body goes disappearing, with that which you/they will repeat the same phenomena when appearing a new menstruation and a new cycle will begin.

During the whole period, the ovary, excited in turn by the hypophysis, segregates two hormones. A call estrone, during the first half of the cycle, when ovum still exists; another call lutein or hormone of the yellow body, in the second half of the cycle, when the yellow body exists. These ovarian hormones influence in turn on the remainder of the genital apparatus.

In the uterus, during the first fifteen days of the cycle, changes are happened in your wall and in your low structure the influence of the ovarian estrone. Since the uterus is the locus in quo you should nest the egg, your wall you grow and you proliferate, raising your vascularización in the second half of the cycle, under the influence of the hormone of the yellow body or lutein. this wall that previously has proliferated, you are loaded of glucógeno and of nutritious substances for the egg and toward the days 27 or 28 of the month, if you have not had pregnancy, this whole preparedness you are not right of existing and the wall of the uterus that have proliferated and that you have gotten ready, you self-destroy and and you flake, a haemorrhage that are the menstruation taking place. With the result that, when you are necessary of this prepared uterus, because a pregnancy, the descamación has taken place you are not made and you don't show up the menstruation, being of it the very well-known fact that the menstruation ullage in any normal and healthy woman is, in start, pregnancy suspicious character.

The woman's other organs are also influenced by the ovarian hormones; from among they highlight the mammas, in those that an increase of conduits galactóforos can exist getting ready for a possible lactation and suregresión when arriving the menstrual phase. Likewise, the basal temperature ascends in the days of the ovulation some 4 or tenth 5, being arranged around 36,9 - 37º and descending the days before the menstruation. This variance of the basal temperature is used for the birth control or to assure the treatment of dysfunctions of the cycle.

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