Precocious Marriage

You should be considered as precocious marriage that that are made before the twenty years in the male, and before the eighteen in the woman.

The contracting futures and your parents should meditate seriously, consulting your case with oersonas specialized in these issues - psychologists, moralists and physicians, and also attorneys at law if legal aspects exist -, before deciding to take a step that can lead to an irreparable damage.

The precocious marriage outlines special problems of psychological nature, without, on the other hand, you possess special features from the point of view somatic although many physicians they consider that you exist a high incidence of aborts and eclampsia crisis in the gestating women of less than sixteen years. You are also considered, on the part of scientific agunos that the proportion of cancer of neck of uterine neck is higher in the women than they started the sexual relationships before the eighteen years.

The problems that the precocious marriage outlines derive of the immaturity emocinal of the husbands and of the inadequacy of the motivations that you/they have led to the marriage. Such an immaturity and such an inadequate motivation will lead to the divorce, or simplementa to the married onfidelidad. This is so certain that, according to a statistical data made by the Office of the Census of the United States, the number of divorces among the marriages in which the woman had less than twenty years, in the moment of the wedding, is three times general ledger that those in which the woman passed of the twenty-two.

Several they are the factors that contribute to the high incidence of the married infidelity in the precocious marriages. One of them resides in the inadequate couple election for impulsiveness, excessive romanticism and ignorance of the actual necessities of agreement with the own legal capacity and economic status. Another factor resides in the conflict that arise quickly among the obligations t responsibilities of the marriage and of the care of the children, on one hand, and the desire to participate in the dicersiones and type of life characteristic of the partners of both sexes that continue single, for another. You are also important the insecurity and restlessness that the man experiences because of your social and labor status, still without defining, especially when you are about students. In the cases in that the precocious marriage has been imposed more or less by a fortuitous pregnancy after one period prolonged of sexual relationships, the prognosis is even more unfavorable. In these marriages it always exists a hostility - fraud or declared - among the husbands, each one of which he/she make responsible to the other one of that happened and of the impositions that it have more than enough both they have fallen. Almost unanimously of experts, you are believed that you should be dissuaded the matrimoio motivated by the pregnancy in toto, n the cases in that the man and the woman don't want it genuinely and they go unavoidably to him due to the indeseada paternity. Although for the moment it can seem the best solution to leave the step, espreferible to confront the reality that to carry out a disastrous marriage, as much for the contracting parties as for the future children. Also, marriage's type is not "free."

In other occasions, the precocious actual marriage against the commission of the adults can be an expression of contempt of court before the society on the part of individuals with features psicopáticos and, therefore, specially immature for the marriage. Also, in many cases, the precocious marriage constitutes an escape of the paternal homestead of young inadaptados that you/they only want linerarse of the family tutelage and to be created, although you are artificially, an appearance of autonomy and social freedom. The prognosis of such marriages is easy to preview.

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