Impotence - the masculine anerosia

Many times people confuse impotence with sterility, misleading thing since the masculine sterility is the incompetence of fecundating the woman although you are carried out the coitus, and the impotence is the impoibilidad of carrying out the same one. We should delimit that you are also, the male's incompetence of always conjugating all those precise elements that must allow the couple to reach the sexual maximum satisfaction, inside a to proceed natural, according to the human instinct and the generally granted lex naturale as valid.

The impotence is classified in: antecedent, the one that appear before being in stable couple; the perpetual one, that that don't disappear by itself with the course of the time; the absolute one, when the male cannot carry out the coitus with any woman; and the relative one, when the male can carry out the coitus with some women but not with all.

In turn, this can be partially or total. In this the erection ability fails in toto, being therefore impossible the coitus, since the penetration in the woman demands a maximum stiffness of the penis.

If the man feels the necessity of the sexual contact and from the first moment it lacks the erection, being shown impotent, easily he falls in a circle difficult to break, since a conditional reflection is believed and a dysfunction is set up that hinder the realization of these first contacts that, on the other hand, they are decisive, since they will mark inexorably, in a way dificl of changing, your sexual future. You are this the one that llamamaos functional impotence, since in certain circumstances the erection and the coitus are possible, in general it depends on the inhibition to that you/they give place the repression of sexual anomalous desires. You are generally almost always about neurotics that support a complex of inferiority, for sexual faulty education; ésto bears a fear to the failure that are translated in anguish. It can determine likewise, the appearance of partial impotence the existence of a loving scarce sensibility toward the couple, the perception of unpleasant odors, the repulsion taken place by aesthetic, and other bugs.

The phimosis in that the smallness of the frenum makes difficult the erection, is revealed in occasions as relative impotence.

In the partial impotences it exists, nevertheless, the erotic desire that are absent in a permanent way of the total impotences. And in occasions, the existence of this erotic desire, never satisfied, the one that make us confuse to these impotent ones in fact describing sexually you as superdotados. The erection that you/they achieve the impotent ones partial you are weak, the penis doesn't achieve the necessary swelling to cross the vaginal introitus and, in the face of this failure, this erection disappears in toto, disabling the coitus. In occasions, already when approaching to the woman, after the loving prelude, and still before any physical contact, the erection falls and the member returns to your state of flaccidity. Sometimes, although the input is usually made, even with a perfect erection, the ejaculation happens too quick, the coitus that don't satisfy concluding this way neither to the male neither your couple.

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