Scientists locate the "G Point"

A new mystery is about to disappear, the enigmatic and controversial trigger of the sexual feminine satisfaction, the G point. And you are that, according to a team of Italian investigators, it can be localized using the ultrasound.

So far, the medicine had not been able to locate this mysterious point, but these scientists assure in the New magazine Scientist that found an area of thicker tissue among the women that say to have orgasms.

The ultrasound was used to often measure the size and the form of the tissue that it are beyond the front wall of the vagina, considered the locus in quo is the point G. In nine of the women that affirmed reached book credit the vaginal orgasm, the tissues between the vagina and the urethra were on the average thicker than in the 11 remaining women.

The physician Jannini, boss of the investigation assured that: "For the first time, you are possible to determine with a bare, quick and cheap method if a woman has or not a G point."

Although far from settling the subject, the physician Tim Spector, of the Sacred Hospital Tomás from London, says that the thickest tissue could be, in fact, you leave of the clitoris, another extremely sensitive area.

Therefore, they will still be carried out but you prove to determine who are in the certain thing, but far from worrying about the existence of the mysterious point, the best thing, like you tell the sexologist Petra Boynton, you are to relax you and not to be centered neither to be obsessed with that concrete area, because they are ignored all the other ones.

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