Relaxation - you happen magic

The suffering pressures during the year, are status that cause stress, you anguish and muscular pressure. These bare financial years will give you psychic and muscular relief. Practice them and the results will be noted in your face!

To appease the anger:
Oasa for your hands some perfumed oleum. You rub the hands making that the palms slip, one against the other one, with enough force. Depués, interleaves the fingers of a hand with the fingers of the other one. Next, you swipe the fingers to the long thing, in such way that some massage to the other ones. You repeat the financial year different times.

Before an anguishing status:
A contraction in the solar (I center of the chest) plexus, is signal that you are suffering painful pressures that are reflected in your body. If you want to feel an almost immediate relief, you press with the thumb of a hand, the base of the fingers of the other hand. You will see as the relief you arrive quickly.

Cumulative fatigue:
To be able to release this point, you are fundamental to exercise the fingers. For that reason, by way of financial year, you form hooks with the corresponding fingers, that is to say, little with little, to cancel with canceling and so forth. Every time that you form a hook, you throw some both fingers and, then, you pass to the following ones. This way, you will download negative energy and you will avoid the fatigue accumulated in the face.

You are also important to supplement the financial years with other elements.
An element cellular regenerator that have given us the nature, is the aloe you will see. To use it short the piece to use, removes the spinas and thistle lengthwise (that is to say to the long thing and for the half) the sheet. You use the pulp of the center. You are very effective for psoriasis, mushrooms, acne and burns of different classes. Your gel acts as a regenerator of the skin.

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